Pay Plan

Our multi-dimensional pay plan rewards individuals that do the work.  

You will earn what you are worth.

Our Pay Plan
Our pay plan is known as the Marketing Plan.  Once you decide to start a business marketing the products and opportunity you will become an official Herbalife Associate. This means you will earn the most for your efforts with us.

Connect To Success!

As a Associate you can work and expand your business in 91 countries we do business in.

Earn Extra Income

The Supervisor position offers you the best opportunity to earn the most money for your efforts. Thousands of people become Supervisors every month with our company. You will become a Supervisor too as you follow our step by step plan to build your business.

Be Mentored
Once you decide to start your business with us, your herbalife associate pack(HAP) will provide you with all the details on the Marketing Plan. We will explain your earning potential at the levels of Associate, Senior Consultant, Success Builder and Supervisor. All these levels are achievable.  We'll teach you through hands-on training, our Marketing Plan DVD, and live trainings.

Live Your Dreams!

  • Retail Profits- you earn profit on orders taken from customers who purchase our products from you.
  • Wholesale Profits- you earn profit on orders taken from your Associates who purchase the products from you or from Herbalife.
  • Royalty Overrides- you earn profit on all the orders the Supervisors in your team place with Herbalife three levels deep.
    Earning three levels deep means when you recruit someone and then they recruit someone and then they recruit someone you get paid a percentage of their orders placed when they are supervisors. Royalty Overrides, which add up quickly, are also known for their excellent source of Residual Income.

You will earn what you are worth. Depending on your hard work.


Disclaimer - Income applicable to the individuals depicted are not average.

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